Riva Aquarama

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For rent in the future: The Riva Aquarama was a speedboat model built by Italian yachtbuilder Riva. Production ran for over three decades from Aquarama’s introduction in 1962 till 1996. Carlo Riva launched the Aquarama runabout series in 1962. Aquarama’s hull was based on Riva Tritone – an earlier model speedboat by Riva, which in turn was inspired by the American mahogany Hacker-Craft runabouts. Because of the boats speed, beauty and craftmanship behind it Aquarama was praised as the Ferrari of the boat world. The company was founded by Pietro Riva in 1842.

The Riva Aquarama’s 8.02 – 8.78 metre hull was carved from mahogany wood. Hull was varnished so it left the wood visible. All versions of the Aquarama were twin engined. Power varied from 185 hp to 400 hp per engine.

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